Camera Tracking Vehicles

BeyondHD provide highly innovative camera movement solutions and gimbals for our

Cayenne and Electric Quad all terrain vehicle. 

High speed 5 Axis Gimbal for  Cayenne

Broadcast 3 Axis Gimbal for Cayenne & Electric Quad

Motorised lift and roof mounts

Complete remote camera control

Film, TV, Dramas, Documentary, Commercials, Live Broadcasts


Commercial Aerial Filming

BeyondHD offer the most versatile and cost effective commercial aerial filming in the world

The Greenest most fuel efficient high end aerail filming from the worlds first commercially appproved Gyrocopter.

Owned and Operated by BeyondHD,

High end 5 Axis Gimbal means that the cost efficiency does not come at the price of stabilisation or creativity.

Top commercially approved pilots and experienced gimbal operators

Film, TV, Dramas, Documentary, Commercials, Live Broadcasts


UAV/Drone Aerial Filming

Utilising the most advanced cine drones in the world the Aerigon has been our platform of choice for more than 5 years, but now we are pleased to announce the addition of the class leading Freefly Alta8 with the latest Movi-pro (the worlds most advanced 3 axis gimbal). One of the most established cine/tv drone operators in Europe with this class of high end aircraft we have been flying cameras such as the

Red Dragon, Alexa Mini, Alexa, F55, Phantom Flex 4K, 3D/VFX for Plate and full cine, zooms or anamorphic lenses from Arri, Panavision etc..

Highly experienced film/tv experience pilots and aerial filming gimbal operators.  Over 30 years in Film and TV


Industrial & Surveillance

BeyondHD's separate Industrial division which share many our ground-breaking aircraft and UAV's but adding triple redundant flight controllers, highly advanced tethered drones all with take specific payload solutions for powerstation inspections, powerline line surveys, pipelines, windfarms, agriculture etc..

Surveillance for Government, railways, pipelines, borders etc..  

High Resolution Video/Stills

Thermal/Radiometric/ imagery

Lidar and 3D mapping

In-house software development of analytics, workflow process management, 

Take a look at some of the fantastic offers we currently have for selling

ex-rental/demo and overstocked items

As Seen on TV

BBC Click 17/09/2016 The BBC's flagship international Tech News series, featured BeyondHD CEO and Gimbal Operator, Keith Harding, reviewing their latest innovation, the Electric Gyrocopter.   Whilst the identical looking petrol commercial aircraft is fully operational, with flight times of around 3 hours, the prototype electric aircraft is currently operating at 15 mins, but we've proven it can be done and we fully expect that with the developments in battery technology; within 3 to 5 years, the electric motor option, will be a viable option, possibly exceeding flight times of the current petrol powered system.   Whilst the petrol aircraft may not quite match the Green credentials of the future electric aircraft, we are still proud to be flying one of the greenest rotary wing aircraft in the world, at just 23 litres of unleaded fuel an hour.... fully loaded with crew, gimbal and camera/lens, no other rotary

aircraft comes close to being so green for high end film and tv work (I.e. cost effective to operate)


Click the image to see the Click episode on the BBC iPlayer (sorry, not available outside of the UK)

Sept 2016

BeyondHD Film & TV Equipment and Production Services


Who are BeyondHD and what Equipment and Services do we provide?


BeyondHD are an established 20-year-old company specialising in aerial and vehicle based stabilised remote head filming equipment and crew hire, from manned aerial filming and class leading commercial drones to high speed camera tracking vehicles and electric Quad all-terrain vehicles. Why not talk to us about a package filming from our Gyrocopter, UAV, tracking vehicles, gimbals and Red Dragon or Arri Alexa mini cameras. Our experienced crew together with our carefully selected innovative equipment and systems allow us to offer our services at prices that will give you amazing tracking and aerial shots without busting the budget.


Where possible our vehicles and aircraft are environmentally friendly.  Our Gyrocopter is the most economical and efficient commercial filming aircraft currently available.  Our Cine-UAV, RTV, SteadiSeg & Quadbike are all electrically powered and therefore offer a zero emission method of filming.


Experienced Film and TV professional Operators, Technicians, Drivers and Pilots

Our highly experienced Pilots, Drivers, Remote Head and Gimbal Operators have many credits and a superb safety record and reputation for quality, combine this with our class leading, gyro-stabilisation systems, which all take the latest cine and broadcast cameras, and whatever the location, in the air or on the ground, you are ready for action.  Having a tech savvy team on your production, can save valuable time when it comes to getting the shots you need.   Keep your camera department and DoP's on other equipment, as you can rely on us to look after and setup our own cameras.  Our Pilots for UAV's and our manned commercial aircraft are all CAA approved and we are fully insured with a minimum of £10m public liability for all our filming services.


Aerial Filming Operations - Experience and high end commercial equipment is critical to success

BeyondHD were one of the first operators of a UAV to carry a Red Dragon 6K camera. We have been operating the high end Aerigon UAV for more than 5 years.  We also own and operate commercial manned aircraft, so we know a thing or two about aerial filming, getting amazing footage reliably and safely.  



See our Latest Products & Services for 2017

VR 360 filming from BeyondHD your one-stop solution for static, tracking and aerial VR


Our highly configurable Mantis Remote contolled vehicle is a perfect "vehicle" for 360VR filming.  With extremely precise slow speed control and manoeuvrability, together with our advanced gyro-gimbal stabilised head, which can be mounted in low mode or raised  to eye-line.


The amazing dynamics of being able to provide a true walk-through, rather than just a static 360 will significantly raise the production values of any 3D shoot (we can of course supply static 360 too).  Our team of experts have extensive experience with the operation and workflow required VR. 


Contact us for further information on this and our Drone based VR solutions

Mantis Remote Controlled Vehicle


This is our UK designed and built heavy-duty remote tracking vehicle.  Designed by one of the UK's top wildlife cinematographers, this is a serious piece of camera movement vehicles.  Able to take our latest MoVi Pro gimbal, allowing Red, Arri, Phantom Flex and other cine and video cameras to be combined with full FIZ, cine and zoom lenses, this solution is perfect for tracking of cars, people, animals from a unique low angle at speeds of up to 35mph

Gimbal control and HD transmission and monitoring is completely wireless allowing the vehicle operator to track the subject, whilst our gimbal operators or DoP's can frame the shot using our extensive range of professional joystick, wheel or panbar contro.

Freefly Alta & MOVI Pro Cine Gimbal - Drone


For more than 5 years, BeyondHD have based our fleet around the commercially manufactured, Swedish Aerigon aircraft. Now we are proud to become one of the first companies to combine the ourstanding Freefly Alta8 and the worlds most advanced 3 axis gimbal, the MOVI-Pro;

Capable of filming with class leading aeronautics and stabilisation, with professional film/tv/lens combinations and the unique ability introduced by Freefly of mounting the gimbal on top of the aircraft, for a unique aerial perspective and shot.  Of course, the gimbal can be underslung as normal..

Combined with cameras such as the latest Red 8K Helium S35 sensor and choice of PL compact zoom and prime lenses, Freefly have truly redifned what's capable with a drone.  Of course, we also have some of the most experienced film crew to operate and provide the maximum potential of this amazing platform.

ELECTRIC CAMERA ATV - Double Helix or DynaX5


BeyondHD introduce our All-Electric, environmentally friendly (and quiet!!) all-Terrain 4WD camera tracking vehicle (powered by EcoCharger) offering remotely operated front or rear mounted gyro-stabilised camera system and newly designed anti-vibration and inertia isolation mounting.   This will totally change the price point at which you can achieve the highest quality all terrain stabilised action tracking shots for Film, Drama, Commercials, Documentary productions and live Outside Broadcasts.

The base system will be supplied with our 3 Axis Newton gyro-stabilisation system. A more advanced system can be setup using our 5 Axis DynaX5 stabilisation.   We provide the vehicle and driver and you have the option to use our experienced gimbal operators or your own DoP.  The gimbal/camera control can be either operated on the vehicle or the gimbal operator can be remote from the vehicle.   If you thought that this level of tracking was beyond your budget, then perhaps it's time to think again.

Inspire1 Pro RAW & Matrice M600 - Commercial Video UAV


BeyondHD have operated the world renowned Aerigon aircraft for more than 5 years for high end feature film, dramas, commercial and live broadcast.  However for many tv projects, the amazing capabilties and payloads of the Aerigon, make it less attractive commercially for documentaries, wildlife etc..  Our customers demand the best quality and crew, so we are now pleased to offer amazing quality and budgets from our two new 4K RAW video filming UAV's the Inspire1 Pro RAW and the Matrice M600 Hexacopter.  Now we can offer the worlds best cine aerial crews with aircraft and 4K RAW camera from £995/day to £1995/day. 20 Years filming on the ground and in the air with all the Pinewood credentials comes as standard.


CAVALON PRO - Commercial AutoGyro & DynaX5


BeyondHD are the first commercial filming operator in the world to take delivery of the totally new Cavalon Pro Autogyro aircraft. Equipped with the 5 Axis, DynaX5 gimbal that provides options for different cine or broadcast cameras & lenses for Film and TV productions or specialist Multi-Spectrum (UV, IR etc.) solutions for Surveying and Security applications.  

The CAA CoA commercially rated Cavalon Pro aircraft has amazing performance with Airspeeds from 25 to 100 knots, a 3-hour range, 6,000 feet ceiling, and is impressively economical and environmentally friendly (less than 30litres/hour fuel).   Whilst the aircraft does not hover, it can travel at extremely low speeds and even at low speeds and altitude it is considered to be much safer than other rotary and fixed wing aircraft. With the latest generation of 5 Axis gimbals, we can offer flexible camera/lens packages, class leading stabilisation for Film, TV, Commercials, Dramas and Documentaries, providing the most cost effective aerial filming in the industry, it's perfect for OB live broadcasts too.




BeyondHD’s unique Porsche Cayenne tracking vehicle with front or rear mounted gyro-stabilised camera system including vibration isolation totally changes the price point for high quality, fast action tracking shots. No longer will it be just the domain of high budget Film and TV.

The base system is supplied with our 3 Axis Newton stabilisation and a more advanced system can be setup using our 5 Axis DynaX5 stabilisation.   We provide the vehicle and driver and you have the option to use our experienced gimbal operators or your own DoP.  

AERIGON MKII - Commercial Cine & Broadcast UAV


BeyondHD have operated the Aerigon aircraft for more than 5 years and at the end of 2015 became the first operator in the UK to acquire the new MKII aircraft.  It has always been our policy to replace our UAV aircraft after a year of operations, which helps us ensure that we have the most up-to-date aircraft.   Our latest aircraft arrives in June 2016. We carry our own Red Dragon or Arri Alexa mini (and by arrangement camers such as Phantom Flex4k) into the air & fly with confidence that we have sufficient payload for a wide lens choice to suit your production and DoP's requirements, including high end cine prime, zooms and anamorphic lenses. We offer zero delay long range HD monitoring and lens control and even with 23kg MTOW we still have massive redundancy providing safe landing with up to 2 simultaneous motor failures, even on the same arm.


Meet the rest of the equipment and services...... 

STEADISEG PTV - Personal Tracking Vehicle


Our SteadiSeg PTV is manufactured in Germany and is designed specifically for high end Film and TV operation.  It is capable of tracking across fields, slopes, paths or in the studio at speeds from a slow crawl to a fast running pace (13mph) or when turning on its own axis.  Our highly experienced operator can provide SteadiSeg services with gyro-stabilised gimbal packages and the unique ExoSkeleton for vibration dampening, to create dynamic tracking dolly shots with no need for track. The SteadiSeg has a range of 10 miles between charges

Safety   Due to the patented design of the SteadiSeg wheel fenders, it has proven to be extremely safe to operate compared to other non-commercially adapted Segways. Sorry we couldn't have been filming you Mr. Bolt....

RTV - Remote Tracking Vehicle


If you require a completely original angle for vehicle tracking, or a shot where space is restricted or too hazardous for an operator, why not take our "remote tracking vehicle" out for a spin.  With speeds of up to 35mph (75kmh) see the most incredible parallax when filming with super slo-mo cameras, or simply tracking with an animal POV.   Our system includes a custom vibration isolation system and the class leading 3 Axis Newton gimbal with remote control of both vehicle and camera head.

Our experienced film/broadcast Operators and camera crew can get amazing shots for you

AERIAL FILMING - Film, TV, Industrial filming Services


The Aerigon "Black Armored Drone" is the most advanced Aerial Filming drone to have ever graced the skies.  Designed and manufactured by Intuitive Aerial, it is the only aircraft to have been designed as a filming system, rather than from hobby kits and third party gimbals.  We have provided aircraft and services for major Blockbuster Films (Avengers Age of Ultron, Into the Woods, Mortdecai and many more) - TV - Live OB's - Survey applications with payloads including Arri Alexa M, Red Dragon, Epic 3D, Phantom Flex 4K, F55, with cine lenses, motors, HD monitoring and Multi-Spectrum Surveying Cameras.

DYNA-X5 Gimbal - Film, TV Live OB, Survey Sales & Hire


The revolutionary DynaX5 five axis gyro-stabilised gimbal, with active vibration isolation will take the same cameras as you'd expect from your Wescam, Cineflex or Shotover, but weighs less than 14Kg (plus camera), which makes it compatible with a much wider range of grip and production vehicles. Uniquely to BeyondHD, the DynaX5 is mounted onto our CAA approved commercial GyroCopter aircraft.  The DynaX5 provides unrivalled stabilisation to small and large helicopters, cranes, tracking vehicles, cable cams etc.

Exclusively available from BeyondHD with technicians and operators.  

CAMERAS - Arri Mini & Red Dragon - Amazing package pricing available


BeyondHD can also offer very attractive packages when supplying our own Red or Arri cameras to go with any of our gimbals or aerial or ground vehicles. We are technically experienced to operate and setup both the Red Dragon and Arri Alexa Mini cameras, so our crews do not need the assistance of your own camera department or DoP's.  This is always highly appreciated when we are on location, as we don't drain or distract Camera Departments or DoP's resources to get our cameras setup to your requirements. The Red Dragon and Arri Alexa Mini cameras can be mounted on our Gyrocopter, UAV's, Cayenne, Electric Quad, SteadiSeg, RTV etc., with our Newton 3 Axis Gimbal and the DynaX5 5 Axis gimbal.      

The World's best Gimbal Support - 2016 ExoSkeleton MkII


Operating a gyro-stabilised gimbal capable of carrying up to 20kg of camera, lens, gimbal and monitors for more than a short while, whilst also trying to avoid the dreaded walking effects synonymous with these gimbals is challenging and may lead to disappointing results.  We have a perfect solution for this, the ExoSkeleton MkII, which takes the weight from the arms and transfers it to the torso. Combine this with our SteadiSeg personal tracking vehicle and unbelievable tracking shots can be achieved. The Exo MkII has a completely updated design providing a much narrower profile for a less bulky system, which makes it perfect for getting into tight spaces and through doors etc. We can dry hire the Exo or we use it ourselves when hiring the SteadiSeg.  The Exo-Cine is capable of supporting payloads of up to 25kgs

MOTION CONTROL - 6 Axis Motion Control Solution


Our Monorail Motion Control system from industry leaders Mark Roberts, allows incredible motion control effects for Film, TV and Commercials with motion including Pan/Tilt/Roll/Dolly/Zoom/Focus.   Using the same control and hardware as the large, costly 12 Axis Motion Control rigs, the Monorail system is totally transportable with a single technician in a van. It is able to be battery operated on location, opening up hundreds of effects possibilities for combining location and green screen studio effects. These effects can be frame accurately synchronised and are repeatable.

Our Technician can work with you to develop ideas and concepts and then put them into practice on location with your team.

Industrial Surveying and Security Operations

SURVEYING & SECURITY - Aerial Filming Services & Human ExoSkeleton


As well as operating the very latest equipment for Film and TV, many of our solutions including Drones, Gyrocopters, Gimbals and ExoSkeleton are equally at home for the very latest surveying and security deployment.  From drone filming of hard to reach towers and buildings, to gyrocopter security and gas leak inspections at the most cost effective aerial rates in the business.  

Our ExoSkeleton also has many uses outside of Film and TV camera support. The Exo was originally developed for military and industrial applications to allow humans to carry heavy plant, equipment and ordinance for much longer periods without injury.

Contact us today to discuss your surveying, security or industrial applications and we will be pleased to develop a package for your requirements.


BeyondHD are a carbon friendly company committed to making a difference

We try to make our aircraft and vehicles environmentally friendly. Our new Gyrocopter aircraft is the most environmentally friendly filming aircraft available.  Our quadbike, RTV and SteadiSeg are electric and therefore have zero emissions.  

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