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IBC Great Success for BeyondHD


Our new and existing products proved to be a big pull and success to the visitors at IBC.   We will be updating our website in the next few weeks to reflect the exiting new products and features, so bookmark us and keep coming back for the latest information and videos.

  • CAA Approved GyroCopter with DynaX5 gimbal
  • Porsche Cayenne tracking vehicle with Vibrafreek and Double Helix
  • Double Helix with ExoSkeleton
  • SteadiSeg personal tracking vehicle
  • RTV remote tracking vehicle
  • .....and much more

Our Worldwide Previews at IBC in 2015 

CAVALON PRO - Commercial AutoGyro & DynaX5


BeyondHD will become one of the first companies in the world to take delivery and operate the new Cavalon Pro Autogyro; the first ever GyroCopter to be commercially rated by the CAA.  Equiped with the 5 Axis, active vibration damping DynaX5 with options for different cine cameras & lenses/motors for film and tv work or with specialist Multi-Spectrum (UV, IR  etc.) solutions for Surveying and Security applications.  Airspeeds - 25Kts to 100knts,  upto  5 hour range, ceiling 10,000 feet, economy 35l/hour unleaded fuel.  

Filming throughout the UK and Europe at previously unimaginable prices & without compromise in quality compared with traditional helicopter/gimbal filming.

TRACKING VEHICLE - Double Helix or DynaX5


BeyondHD will introduce our Porsche Cayenne tracking vehicle with front mounted gyro-stabilised camera system and vibration isolation.   This will totally change the price point and quality you can expect, opening the highest quality fast action tracking shots to all productions, no longer will it be just the domain of high budget film and tv.

The base system will be supplied with our 4 Axis Letus Double Helix stabilisation and a more advanced system can be setup using our 5 Axis DynaX5 stabilisation.   Our experienced gimbal operators will ensure that the shots are framed with equal quality to that of the stabilisation.  If you thought that this level of tracking was beyond your budget, then perhaps it's time to think again.  



The Worlds Best Camera Stabilisation and Support System

Letus Helix gyro stabilisation system has been in use with Steadicam operators since 2009.  The class leading Helix has been used on many major productions in fil, tv and live productions.

We now introduce the game changing Double Helix, which is capable of taking a full Arri Alexa , Phantom Flex 4K, Red Dragon, complete with cine lenses, controllers, and accessories and specialist film cameras such as the Arri A65 and Arri 235

The unique and patented optical centre stabilisation, means unrivalled stabilisation and speed of lens changes and setups.

We invite you to test and compare Helix... You'll never look back.  Available only from BeyondHD outside of the USA.

Don't think you can handle the weight... that's what ExoSkeleton is for.... New and improved for IBC 2015

How do you want to move your camera today...... 

CAMERAS - Arri Mini & Red Dragon AVAILABLE NOW


When working with BeyondHD, as well as the most advanced camera stabilisation and drones, we can provide the most advanced cameras to go withit..  BeyondHD have both the amazing Red Dragon and the incredible and new Arri Mini.   We don't make you decide which camera is best, you just chose which camera you prefer. Arri Mini has become the must have camera for stabilised shooting.  Whether on our Helix, the RTV, SteadiSeg, Drone or in our 5 Axis Dyna X5, the Mini is going to be a firm favourite.... BeyondHD are one of the first in the world to have this amazing camera from Arri.

EXOSKELETON "EXO" - Gimbal Support Solutions


It's what every gimbal operator has been waiting for.  The ability to carry their gimbal and camera for extended periods, without muscle fatigue/shake. The Exo, exclusively from BeyondHD seemingly magically takes up to 14Kg's of payload of gimbal/camera & transfers all the weight directly to your hips (not your back/shoulders like other suspended designs) & also removes the virtical movements "walkies" that would normally happen when just hand-holding a gimbale when walking/running.  Developed specifically for Hand held gimbals such as Helix, but also MOVI, DJI etc., this is not a simple modification to an existing supsended camera support solution designed for a different era of shooting.

LETUS HELIX - Camera Stabilisation Solutions


The first and stil the best, the Letus Helix gyro stabilisation system has been in use with Steadicam operators since 2009.  Our class leading Helix has been used on many major productions in tv and live shows and we now introduce the game changing Double Helix, which is capable of taking a full Arri Alexa 4K, Phantom Flex, Red Dragon, complete with cine lenses, controllers, and accessories.

Our unique and patented optical centre stabilisation, means unrivalled stabilisation and speed of lens changes and setups.

We invite you to test and compare Helix... You'll never look back.

AERIAL FILMING - Film, TV, Industrial filming Services


The Aerigon "Black Armored Drone" is the most advanced Aerial Filming drone to have ever graced the skies.  Designed and manufactured by Intuitive Aerial, it is the only aircraft to have been designed as a filming system, rather than from hobby kits and third party gimbals.  We have provided aircraft and services for major Blockbuster Films (Avengers Age of Ultron, Into the Woods, Mortdecai and many more) - TV - Live OB's - Survey applications with payloads including Arri Alexa M, Red Dragon, Epic 3D, Phantom Flex 4K, F55, with cine lenses, motors, HD monitoring and  Multi-Spectrum Surveying Cameras.

DYNA-X5 Gimbal - Film, TV Live OB, Survey Sales & Hire


The Revolutionary DynaX5 five axis gyro-stabilised gimbal, with active vibration isolation will take all the same cameras as you'd expect from your Wescam, Cineflex or Shotover, but weighs less than 14Kg (plus camera), which makes it compatible with a much wider range of grip and vehicles and uniquely to BeyondHD will later this year be mounted onto our CAA commercial GyroCopter aircraft.  Also providing unrivaled stabilsation to small and large helictopers, large drones, cranes, tracking vehicles, cable cams etc..

Exclusively available from BeyondHD with technicians and operators.  

RTV - Remote Tracking Vehicle


Want a completely original angle for vehicle tracking, or a shot where there's not enough space or too dangerous for an operator, why not take our "remote tracking vehicle" out for a spin.  With speeds of up to 40mph (75kmh) see the most incredible paralax when filming with super slo-mo cameras, or simply tracking with an animal POV or just a unique angle.   Our system, includes a custom vibration isolation system and the class leading Helix gimbal with remote control of both vehicle and camera head.

Our experienced film/broadcast Operators and camera crew can get amazing shots for you

STEADISEG PTV - Personal Tracking Vehicle


Our SteadiSeg PTV, professionally manufactued in Germany for high end film and steadicam operation.

Capable of safely tracking across fields, slopes, paths, in the studio, on the golf course and all at speeds from a slow crawl to a fast running pace (around 15mph) and capable of turning on it's own axis.  Our highly experienced operators with our range of Helix stabilisation and Exo suit can create dynamic tracking dolly shots, with absolutely no set up time required for track etc.  The unique combination of Operator/Helix/Exo on SteadiSeg can operate for many hours on set/location with a range of 10 miles.

MOTION CONTROL - 6 Axis Motion Control Solution


Our Monorail Motion Control system from industry leaders Mark Roberts, allows incredible motion control effects for film, tv and commercials with motion including Pan/Titl/Roll/Dolly/Zoom/Focus.   Using the same control and hardware as the large, million pound 12 Axis Motion Control rigs, but totally transportable with a single technician in a van and able to be V-lock operated on locations, opening up hundreds of effects possiblities for combining location and greenscreen studio effects, frame accurately syncronised and repeatable.

Our Technician can work with you to develop ideas and concepts and then put them into practice on location with your team.

POLECAM - Carbon Fibre 7m Portable Jib


We have operated the world famous Polecam for more than 15 years for feature films, sports (including 2 Olympics), Live OB's music videos, drama, news documentaries.

This amazing piece of equipment has had many upgrades and improvements over the years and we are pleased to say that our current system is the very latest, with the newest carbon fibre poles, latest pan/tilt head and many more of the latest accessories.  We operate a lot with the latest cameras and whilst we can accomodate short booms with Red, mostly cameras such as C300 and high end DSLR's work extremely with this great system.

Industrial Surverying and Security Operations

  • surveying

SURVEYING & SECURITY - Aerial Filming Services & Human ExoSkeleton


As well as operating the very latest equipment for Film and TV, many of our solutions including Drones, Gyrocopters, Gimbals and ExoSkeleton are equally at home for the very latest surveying and security deployment.  From drone filming of hard to reach towers and buildings, to gyrocopter security, gas leak inspections at the lowest aerial rates in the business.  

Our ExoSkeleton has many uses outside of film/tv camera support as it was originally developed for military and industrial applications to allow humans to carry out repetitive tasks and carry heavy plant, equipment and ordinance for much longer periods without risk to bones and muscles.

Contact us today to discuss your surveying, security or industrial applications and we will be pleased to develop a package for your requirements.


Take a look at the videos below; Our Showreel and a behind the scenes video from a feature film using Black Armored Drone from Intuitive Aerial UK, hired by BeyondHD Aerial

BeyondHD were commissioned to provide Aerial and gimbal shots for this amazing Nice & Serious Productions video, commissioned by the RSPB.  

Our Aerigon "Black Armored Done", Red Dragon and PL lenses, together with our Helix and ExoSkeleton were used  to provide POV and "birds-eye" views in this creative message from the RSPB.

Our highly experience Pilot in Command Matt McCarthy and Camera Support Specialist Rizwan Wadan worked tirelessly to get the shots the clients wanted.  In the words of Nice and Serious DIRECTOR Matthew Harmer "that Heli shot over the tree really steals the show.

RTV Remote Tracking Vehicle


BeyondHD are a carbon friendly company committed to making a difference

Our camera and grip equipment is carefully chosen to provide best in class environmental and energy saving credentials.