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Our Range of Cutting Edge Camera Equipment & Aerial Cinematography for Hire

Interview with BeyondHD MD Keith Harding at BVE 2014

London February 25th 2014

Equipment Hire for all your Film and TV Production needs - motion control, time-lapse, Pre-Viz, Jib/Crane & Now Cinematic Aerial Filming for HD to 5K & 3D productions

  • Remote Aerial Cinematography (Red Epic Dragon Aerial filming and photography services)
  • IA3 MOVI  3 Axis Giro Stabilesed Handheld Camera System for Epic
  • Motion Control Rigs (portable and studio for Animation, Film and TV)
  • Jib Arm (encoded for VR, AR & Automatic aiming)
  • Polecam (7m Portable Jib 3D capable)
  • AimCrane (Automatic aiming and/or Pre-Viz/VR/AR of Stanton Jimmy Jib)
  • Red Epic Dragon (ready for our Motion Control, Cranes, 3D, Aerial & Handheld)
  • LED Lighting (Rotolight Anova LED complete lighting kit - 3 heads and remote control)
  • Operators (Camera, Crane, 3D, DIT, Stereographer, Aerial Filming)
  • Augmented Reality (Add on services for Motion Control and AimCrane Jibs)
  • Virtual Reality (Accurate 3D position data from our Motion Control and Aimcrane)
  • Pre-Vizualisation (Real-time 3D positino data for Pre-Vis for Motion Control and Aimcrane)
  • Props & Effects (Blood, squibs, guns, breakable bottles, makeup, props and CGI Effects)

BeyondHD (a TX-2 Broadcast Ltd company) is a company dedicated to bringing video production and filming for High-end production values (but without the normally associated costs) for Film, TV and 3D productions.... "Beyond HD".  


With over 10 years of live, studio, documentary and feature filming experience Keith Harding brings a wealth of experience & professionalism, combined with some of the most creative, highly portable Red Epic (including 3D) Cameras, Motion Control Rigs for Live & Timelapse/stop-motion, Aimcrane for Live, Pre-Viz, Augmented reality and Virtual Reality.  7 meter Polecam Jib and various Grip items 


We strive to choose equipment that will add fantastic production values without the typcially associated budgets for crane and motion control for film and TV.


We have a wealth of experience & top flight film and TV Cameramen,  Jib Operators, DIT's, 3D Stereographers and MOCO Technicians, to supply alongside our class leading equipment.


DRY-HIRE - In addition to our filming services, our equipment is available for DRY-HIRE too, so check out the pages of this site or contact us to find out a little bit more about why your next production will benefit from working with BeyondHD.

Take a look at the video below; a behind the scenes video from a feature film using Black Armored Drone from Intuitive Aerial UK, hired by BeyondHD Aerial

Crew Hire

As well as providing the most unique and innovative portable jib, time-lapse and motion control rigs for HD and 3D productions.  We can operate it for you too.  If your production would benefit from high end production values, but keeping the project within budget, then take a look at what we can offer.


Please check out our full range of service by looking at our Crew section.


BeyondHD are a carbon friendly company committed to making a difference

Our camera and grip equipment is carefully chosen to provide best in class environmental and energy saving credentials.